Skype with Poland!!

We skyped with high school students in Poland on Dec 20th.
About 30 students joined from our school.


・They taught us Magic!!
Poland8 magicWe skyped with a school where they really learn magic in the class.
The magic they taught us was how to tell the future.  We dropped the candle’s  wax into the water and looked at the shape made. The wax hardened to a rabbit or flower… etc. What is the meaning of rabbit?
And we enjoyed it.

・We also learned about Poland’s culture!!
Poland5Next we talked about each other’s culture. We asked some questions about “Harry Potter” and Christmas in Poland. We didn’t have enough time to ask other questions…LoL
By the way younger Polish people spend Christmas with their family.



We had a great experience.
We want to exchange ideas with a lot of countries in the world!!!






次に、ポーランドと日本の文化について教えあいました。僕たちは、世界的に有名な映画「ハリーポッター」や、ポーランドでのクリスマスについて質問しました。時間があまりなくて、ほとんどハリーポッターに関する質問になってしまいましたけど・・・(笑) ちなみにポーランドの若者たちの多くはクリスマスを家族と過ごすそうです。


Poland7 Poland10


Bonjour! Skype with the French!

We visited our friends from a French high school on Skype. We asked questions to each   other. For example, they asked us  “Which sushi do you recommend?” Of course, we answered “Ootoro is the most delicious!” Ootoro is the fattiest and highest quality meat of a tuna (maguro). Mike also learned where to look for pretty girls.

We enjoyed our chat!




Chatting with our 先輩 in America!

We visited our friend Yoshida in America on Skype! She is a graduate of our school currently attending a college in the American South.  We discussed many interesting topics like living with a roomate from a different country, getting used to different cultures and foods, as well as the pros and cons of attending college in America. Thanks, Yoshida, for taking the time to chat with us!


Filipino friends on Skype!

We had a very nice chat with new friends from the Philippines! We met Rio, who is a Japanese-Filipino in  9th grade in in Manila, and her friends. They all met at her house on a weekend to speak to us and we learned some interesting things about them and how they like Japanese manga. Salamat po!